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The Invitations are the crème de la crème of Wedding Bands. 

Getting married is stressful enough, getting married on Hogmanay add's a little more with everyone expecting the party of all parties. They did not disappoint.
Chris and the rest of the band were outstanding, making sure everyone had a night not to forget. Seamless in the run-up, making sure we any song requests were played, and if not on their repertoire, they learned them! WOW!  
Our night was perfect, they The Invitations had a huge part to play. Guests from all over the world who joined us, commented on their unbelievable talent and knack of filling the floor and playing the right songs to suit the mood at the point in the evening....and when it was time for the bells, they would give Jackie Bird a run for her money!!

If only we could do it all over again!

Mr and Mrs. Reid - 31/12/17 - Inchyra Byre

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